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Urban Dream 2019

Urban dreams & story are kinds of city products, and it exists every corner, it builds the city. I want to be an “urban Flâneur” to collect every “artists’” dreams and stories, just like Joseph Beuys said in Extended Concept of Art, the activity of Flâneur represents a sculptural process, shaping what he sees and listens in the environment and social appearance into a sculpture.

The city tourist attraction is no longer the only things for the tourist to visit. By recreating individuals’ experiences and transfer in digital sculpture as an urban landscape, I use Augmented Reality (AR) to create virtual spots for the public.
Tools: Unity, C4D, Mapbox SDK, AR kit
Washington Square - Mr.Z Before I came to New York, I knew NYC form a lot of science fiction films, like Avengers, The Day After Tomorrow, etc. In my mind, New York is a kind of vulnerable but unbreakable city.

Canal StreetMr. He
I came to New York almost 40 years ago, personally, New York or say China Town is my home, basically, I never leave. As a Cantonese, I always feel there is something missing. Oh, is Neon, I miss the “Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street” in 90s Canton.

Broadway-Lafayette StreetMiss Unknown
Stereotype, Women, Power, World.

I collected these three stories from three spots in NYC



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