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Urban Dream 2019

Location-based Augmented Reality 

The city tourist attraction is no longer the only things for the tourist to visit. By recreating individuals’ experiences and transfer in digital sculpture as an urban landscape, I use Augmented Reality (AR) to create virtual spots for the public.
Tools: Unity, C4D, Mapbox SDK, AR kit
Scope: Ideation, Modeling, Coding, Motion
Washington Square - Mr.Z Before I came to New York, I knew NYC form a lot of science fiction films, like Avengers, The Day After Tomorrow, etc. In my mind, New York is a kind of vulnerable but unbreakable city.

Canal StreetMr. He
I came to New York almost 40 years ago, personally, New York or say China Town is my home, basically, I never leave. As a Cantonese, I always feel there is something missing. Oh, is Neon, I miss the “Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street” in 90s Canton.

Broadway-Lafayette StreetMiss Unknown
Stereotype, Women, Power, World.

I collected these three stories from three spots in NYC



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