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Pixel by Pixel 2019

Starting from the very beginning of the process, we wanted to explore the idea of bringing the pixels outside of the screen into the physical space. We were exploring different kinds of ways and materials to do that, which includes all sorts of projection mapping and different materials. Eventually, we decided on creating a physical grid with discs to be the medium that the visual is projected on. Discs are two-sided with one white side and a reflective side. Being inspired by the color of the reflective side, we decided on the visual part of the project, as in a full spectrum of vivid colors.

Tools: Processing, Projection Mapping, Mixed MediaCollaborator: Chenshan Gao, Xinyu Ou


Conceptual wise, Disc is a daily object that is meant to contain music, film, files, all sorts of stuff that is relevant as “recording memory”. All the memory that is collected into the discs are objective information then being processed by users with their own reflection and projection into it, like the same movie, but different takes.
So the white side of the discs is the objective side where the projects are clearly shown to the users, the opposite side is the part that is the “projection” of each user into the physical space, especially when the grid is distorted from their pushing and pull.