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JingWeiTianHai | AR Book 2019

This Chinese story is derived from the mythological folktale, The Shan Hai Jing. However, nowadays people are mesmerized by endless entertainment choices, turning away the readers who would otherwise still be interested in this type of book. Our project was to draw attention to historic and cultural literary masterpieces.
Tools: Unity, Photoshop, Vuforia
Collaborator: Jinyi li (Illustrator)

(Content below is still work in progress, welcome to check later.)

Jingwei was the incarnation of Emperor Yan’s youngest daughter.

She went sailing on the East China Sea. While she was enjoying herself, a strong wind rose and her boat capsized. The spirit of the drowned princess turned into the bird Jinwei.

To avenge her death, she attempted the impossible, picking up pebbles and twigs from the mountain and dropped them into the sea, in the hope of one-day filling it up. She flew back and forth and never stopped working.

Design Concept
Out of this fairy tale comes the phrase JING WEI TIAN HAI, which nowadays is used to describe people who will never give up a formidable task no matter what odds are against them. Readers can now join in her bravery. They can experience the process of completing a seemingly impossible task by filling in the blanks in the book in real-time.

Problem: A lack of interest in cultural Chinese fairy tales
Solution: Interactive book design(Physical and Virtual)