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Inter-Dimension 2020
Outdoor Installation & Augmented Reality

This project aims to create an immersive experience for the Strawberry festival that combines Outdoor Installation, Augmented Reality, and visual campaigns. 
Time: A month
Tools: Cinema 4D, Unity, After Effect, Unreal Engine 4
Role: Storyboard, Modeling, User experience, Animator 
Collaborator: Carol Chen, Chenshan Gao

This project designed for the Young Blood project, which host by Modern Skylink and the Strawberry Music Festival in China.



This year, many people had to stay at home alone and quarantine; we have all experienced the frustration and loneliness of not seeing our friends and family during this year. During this time of isolation, we have relied on the internet, a virtual medium, to communicate with people in another space.

How does this virtual space connect with "Real us"? "Inter-dimension" attempt to visualize this virtual medium, through the concept of "a portal between dimensions" to express our thoughts on this year's emergence of a form of social interaction that is almost entirely virtual. Leaving behind the confines of physical space, "Between Dimensions" combines augmented reality (AR) technology with physical installation, in the form of portals that connect spaces and let us embrace each other.


During an interstellar mission, YUKO, who was piloting the Liberty Ship, was accidentally hit by a meteorite and fell into a black hole. Passing through the narrow tunnel that connects various spaces, YUKO accidentally landed on the future planet E-EARTH. There, she saw fluttering flags and smiling faces, heard music from a different dimension, and the sound of crowds surging, and felt her body dance and warmth like never before. "What are the members of I.M.O. doing now? I want to freeze time so badly; please let's meet here."

Rendering draft



"Inter-Dimension" is a large, Stonehenge-like installation consisting of five giant geometric shapes. Each boulder is a dimensional portal that allows the viewer to access the AR (Augmented Reality) webpage through an app or by scanning a QR code to see your fellow I.M.O.'s who have traveled from another dimension to be with you.
The installation's main body is hollow structures made of wood panels, with surfaces covering with transparent acrylic panels laminated with color film, and the other surfaces painted in gray or concrete. The colorful acrylic panels will reflect fantastic shades of color from different angles during the day, and at night, the LED lights inside the installation will also reflect colorful shadows.

Through AR plane detection technology, standing in the center of the installation, holding up a mobile phone camera, and pointing it at the installation facade, the animated characters can be precisely positioned and triggered to walk out of the installation, creating a portal effect. The audience can interact with the virtual characters through the mobile phone, or stand on the screen and take pictures. (The AR part can be made into a webpage, app, or app on demand.)

Onsite space prototype 


AR Demo

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Graphic design 

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