Digital Media  VR | AR | Interactive Installation | Coding

UIUX | 3D | Illustration | IOS

   a Digital Media Artist
   a Multidisciplinary Designer

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A Trip To Hollow Land | Multiuser Virtual Reality

#Unity #C4D

A Trip to Hollow Land is a mulituser VR traveling experience, this project is aimed to create a collective travel experience to a demolished hybrid city in the 3D environment. 

Mirage Well | Interactive Installation

# Interactive Installation #C4D #Kinect #Touch Designer

Mirage Well is is a large scale immersive interactive installation that includes a light installation, real-time interactive projection, and 3D conceptual animation.

Round Room | Eexperimental 3D Video

#C4D #Unreal Engine 4

Coming soon

#Unity #C4D #MapboxSDK 

Urban Dream: City Flâneur is a location-based traveling Augmented Reality(AR) experience that depicts the three different derivatives of Chinese and American culture. 

Urban Dream | Location-Based Augmented Reality

#Unity #C4D #MapboxSDK

The city tourist attraction is no longer the only things for the tourist to visit. By recreating individuals’ experiences and transfer in digital sculpture as an urban landscape, I utilize Augmented Reality (AR) to create virtual spots for the public.

Tiny Routine | AR + Performative Avatar

#Unity #Mixamo #ItSeez3D #Vuforia

Avatars that perform tasks in our daily and routine life. They depict our Inner voice where the physical ones represent the real actions and the tiny one are our expectations. This project is a commentary on the procrastination nature of ourselves.